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These products are not medicine and have no side effects. Growing consumption provides comfortable elimination of many diseases, and for long time. One-year course is needed for sustainable result. Maximum effect can be achieved only in a complex way.

All products – are the result of the latest achievements of modern science and the ancient traditional Chinese medicine. It is fast-acting bio-immuno-regulators, which are all 100% natural and tested in practice facts-about-cordyceps . Fohow learned how to “take out” biologically active materials from the higher fungi and other healing plant cells and mastered the concentrated liquid supplement production. Biotechnology appliance (cell content of vacuum concentration and extraction in low- and high-temperature conditions) has resulted in the performance earlier unseen by its fast-action and results. Their impact on humans is often accepted as a miracle, when neglected or difficultly treated diseases simply “dissolves”, leaving the body no side effects. The reason is simple – the products contain bio-immuno-regulators, which turn on our unique innate “inner doctor” – immune system, which knows its body best, with every microparticle, and can speak in its “healthy cells language”.

Liquid and concentrated elixirs strength and specificity come from high fungi cells content, particularly the Imperial Cordyceps, as well as Linchzhi and Shiitake mushrooms and other aromatic herbs ingredients. It’s 100% systemic preparation – they are “doing their work” systematically: find the transgression chain and pass it consistently, harmonizing and balancing the physiological level of human energy.
Liquids of concentrated cordyceps and other mushroom supplements to regulate the immune system act much faster than the different “dry” supplements, traditionally produced in tablet or capsule form by older technologies, because they contain many more immuno-modulating polysaccharides.
Their contents meet all scientific requirements, traditional Chinese medicine principles and pharmacological rules. These gently acting products regulate the Yin and Yang to the rightful balance; thus, their use activates biological processes in human cells and slows the aging processes. Strict state product quality control is absolutely implemented in the plants manufacturing these products.
Observation results have exceeded expectations. It can be firmly stated that biologically active supplements (BAS) are safe and, in many cases, their positive effects are greater than they are with medications. Use of these supplements for healthcare and the prevention of health problems improves health considerably.
The liquid, concentrated cordyceps supplements – Phoenix and Sanbao are truly effective preventive measures, especially for people with weak immune systems as well as those suffering from chronic diseases.

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Fohow BOSS Tea

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