There are many doctors who have cooperated with the company, because they failed to be healthy with the help of traditional medicine. Why did they choose Fohow products and began to work in the company?

Gynaecologist. With FOHOW since 2011.

42 years of medical practice. While working, “gained” a lot of diseases: osteochondrosis of the cervical and lumbosacral spine, herniated discs. Pharmaceutical treatment gave no effect. The pain restricted mobility and activeness. Her husband and mother were also seriously ill.

Despite her medical education and extensive medical experience, Larisa felt helpless in this situation, and saw no way out. And then, a few years ago, she got acquainted with FOHOW products. After a month of taking Fohow products she felt relief and within 3 months pain completely stopped and physical activity was restored.

Computer diagnostics showed no changes in the skeletal system, including the spine. “I even got back on heels!” – says Larisa Yultyeva. Her mother also felt much better. Her husband, also a doctor, who hadn’t initially believed in the effectiveness of Fohow products began to change right in the front of her eyes: he lost 15 kg, his kidney stones gone, as well as diabetes and hypertension.

All that inspired her to further cooperation with FOHOW: sincerely believing in the efficacy of the product, knowing it from her own experience, she has focused her energy on promoting and distributing! “All the years of cooperation with FOHOW I feel full of life satisfaction. I’m still doing my medical practice and I continue to do my job and help people.

And as a doctor I found that the result of taking FOHOW products is more superior that the one of traditional medicine!

Therefore, it has become a matter of my life!” – Says Larissa Antonovna. And she adds: “And I’m very, very happy!”

Nurse. With FOHOW since 2013.

Like Elena tells, there were problems with her own health, that led her to FOHOW. She was facing issues on her cardiovascular system.

For many years Elena had been suffering from pain in her back due to intervertebral disc infringement.

At the time she came to Fohow, Elena took 9 pills a day. Now – only one. “Surprisingly, just within three days, without medication, I got rid of back problems using a thermal waist protector, that I had got as a gift from the company” – Elena recalls.

She admits that she is very happy to be in FOHOW team: it gives her the ability to maintain her own health and help others to recover from illness. “I visit all lectures and meetings with great pleasure.

My life has changed for the better! – Elena says, rejoicing the change. – I discovered dietary supplements and now I know that it is an indispensable food for our cells.

Understanding came to me: it is necessary to take care of your body constantly, as if it were a plant – becomes weak and dies without feeding it with natural drugs! ”

She’s been taking Fohow products for the second year and calls it “stunning” and the results – “amazing.”

Gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, a specialist in extragenital pregnancy pathology.

With FOHOW since 2011.

“Since 1995 I have applied liquid cordyceps to treat my own child. My boy was born with a brain haemorrhage and tetra paresis. We’ve given this product to him for over 5 years. Now he is eighteen and completely healthy. So, I’ve been familiar with this drug for a long time. I returned to it in 2011: “followed” the magic word ” Cordyceps”, talked to Madina Kasimovna Ibragimova and signed a contract with FOHOW. For the first time, I just purchased elixir “Phoenix” for my child. I preventively gave it to him for a couple of years.

I started taking FOHOW drugs myself, because I have a genetic predisposition to hypertension and strokes. So, I decided to “be on the safe side”. And then, FOHOW representatives from China made me wary, when they first came to us with capillaroscopy and found a deformation of brain capillary of 5-6th grade. That’s why I’ve taken “Linchzhi” and “Xueqingfu” capsules for a half of the year. And there was a significant improvement: my capillaries are not so deformed now, the 2nd grade of damage at most.

There are always some of FOHOW drugs on my desk. Tea “Liuwei”, elixir “Phoenix” calcium “Haytsao Gai”. Sometimes I take “Gaosen” tablets to eliminate recurrent stomach problems. Sometimes I take a course or two of “Sanqing.” And my whole family is also taking these drugs, sometimes according to the system, and sometimes due to body’s needs. For example, in autumn and spring – for the prevention or treatment of SARS. ”

Doctor of the highest category in Children’s Orthopaedic trauma. With FOHOW since 2008.

His own health problems (pressure surges, intestinal pain, allergies and frequent colds) constantly complicated his life.

What pharmaceutical industry could offer, has been tried and resulted in a complete disappointment.

“All that chemistry”, as they say, is not the cure, but a damage” – says Andrey. He means the fact that, if a drug is traditional and heals some organ in the human body, it surely has a detrimental effect on the other one.

And Andrey’s own personal experience and observation of patients throughout his 18-year medical practice suggested: something different, new, natural and safe is needed.

And FOHOW seemed to be destined for that. Having started to use these products, Andrei improved his health, and helped many patients. “Fohow” met the expectations.

Paramedic. With FOHOW since 2010.

For 30 years Marina has been a paramedic on ambulance. She joined the company on the advice of her sponsor, who recommended her sanitary pads “Fohow” and said that they had saved her from cancer. Marina Vitalievna was shocked by that result and got interested in products, in the other FOHOW medications drugs and … “asked for cooperation,” as she puts it.

And since then, she cannot, but feel amazed at the results that will inevitably appear in the process of taking FOHOW products. She had a confirming opportunity, based on her own experience. For 32 years she had been suffering from dystonia. After 3 weeks of treatment with elixir “Phoenix” she felt that dizziness and other signs of dystonia disappeared.

Laryngotracheitis, from which she had been suffering for many years, ceased 3 months later. As well as anaemia, which, after three years, no longer reminds of itself. “Fohow” shows excellent results!

The human body renovates on a cellular level and begins to live a new life! Due to this, a person changes, becoming fresh and healthy, with higher mood! I want to live and work! I want to fly! I’ve tried it myself! ” Marina Vitalievna confessed that she likes the atmosphere of FOHOW team, and those people who are involved in this. She tries to participate in all activities undertaken by the team and the company, self-educate and self-improve, to achieve even better results, to help more other people. Initially, she did not trust traditional medicine (including Tibetan).

But Marina believed when she got acquainted with FOHOW products and became an active user and its “recommender”. And now Marina Vitalievna cannot imagine her life without FOHOW company, its products and friendly team.

Obstetrician gynaecologist. With FOHOW since 2010.

Svetlana is well-experienced. She learnt about FOHOW company and its products due to her sister.

By her invitation Svetlana began to come to seminars, to delve into the activities of the team and the company. She sincerely believed in the efficacy of the product and it has become a part of her life. Her advice to everyone is: ”

Trust FOHOW, their products really help people, sometimes in the most wonderful way! My whole family has been taking FOHOW products. And this is the best proof of our faith in their effectiveness.

Even my 6-year-old grandson loves FOHOW. And sometimes he asks, “Grandma, give me “cordycepsy”. ” If my grandson is sick or caught a cold Fohow products come to the rescue: we drink elixir and tea.

My son in-law uses a thermal waist protector when he’s disturbed by sciatica.” Svetlana says that her daughter had forgotten about cramps, atypical dermatitis and toxicosis, that pursued her during pregnancy.

That’s why Svetlana’s gives her advice to her patients without a shadow of a doubt: “Use products FOHOW, be healthy!”.

Pharmacist. With FOHOW since 2009.

Larisa turned to FOHOW products looking for salvation. Her diagnosis was: fibroids, low blood pressure. By that time traditional treatment disappointed her. Some of her friends advised her to try FOHOW products. Following the advice Larisa began to use them.

The first result – restored activity. Symptoms and diseases have gradually gone. Larisa keeps using these products, but now for prevention. Her advice for everyone is to take Fohow products, even if you are healthy, just to prevent disease. That is why she became a distributor of FOHOW. Trying to give people the information about the benefits of products and practice of Tibetan medicine.


Larisa Arhishina sincerely believes in the power of FOHOW, the belief of its effectiveness and indispensability is based on her own experience. And even when faced with distrust and suspicion, as she says, tries to go further sharing information about the benefits of FOHOW product for people, especially with those who doubt and do not trust!

Paediatrician. With FOHOW since 2010.

After 47 years of medical practice, Lyudmila retired with a bunch of diseases. Vascular sclerosis has developed, the stomach ulcer reminded of itself with painful and frequent attacks. She had to endure torturous pain of trigeminal neuralgia. Her husband, a doctor as well, was also ill. He suffered from a severe form of allergy. Lyudmila has already heard about FOHOW products from her acquaintances before and turned to Fohow as to the last chance to solve their health problems. At first, her husband did not really believe in the efficacy of Tibetan medicine. But when he saw positive changes that have occurred to his wife, he decided to try. As a result, his allergy practically disappeared. But another trouble came: the husband of Lyudmila Volkova underwent two heart attacks, one after another. The signs of a stroke appeared, such as, problems with speech and movement. He had to take remedies, implying lifelong taking and, doubtlessly, harmful to human health. He wanted to get away from the “chemistry”. And then, he turned again to FOHOW for salvation.

During these three years Ludmila’s husband has showed a gradual recovery after the heart attack. And she also feels much better, that is, quite healthy and active. She is happily co-operated with FOHOW and can’t even imagine her life without this company.

Pulmonologist. With FOHOW since 2012.

Alexander has worked as a therapist for 25 years. However, before he learned about Fohow, he had suffered from many ailments. There were problems with the brain vessels, he was constantly tormented by severe migraines, dizziness. He had chronic obstructive bronchitis for 5 years and suffered from gastroduodenitis.

Twice a year he had to be hospitalized and take a course of medications. All the traditional methods had been tried. But health problems remained: it was only a short-term relief. And then Alexander Andreyevich appealed for help to alternative medicine.

At first, he tried to take products of other companies – but got disappointed. And then the fortune came as his fellow doctor told him about FOHOW – Alexander became a partner and started taking Fohow medications. He began with “Regulation” series. The results came after 10 days: headache and tiredness went away, he become more active. Two weeks later Alexander forgot about the problems with his gastrointestinal tract. After “Purgation” course he got rid of cough and breathlessness. After “Replenishment” efficiency appeared and chronic fatigue syndrome disappeared.

Today, Aleksander Andreyevich says: “It’s FOHOW medications only, that turned me into a healthy person! Along with health came joy of life, desires and goals appeared, as well as the strength to achieve any success! I am different now: more successful, more confident!”

Therapist. With FOHOW since 2011.

Tamara Dmitrievna has been working as a doctor for 40 years. Her medical and personal experience led her to the conclusion that, unfortunately, not all of health issues can be solved, by means of Western medicine. After all, it happened that the same patient had to be treated for years – with no results. She even couldn’t help herself … Her blood pressure was very high and caused dizziness. Tamara was bothered by constant migraine and problems with the cervical and lumbar spine (osteochondrosis and interdisc hernia). Moreover, the pain in the legs reminded constantly of sciatic nerve neuritis. Poor eyesight made her life even harder. In short, as she puts it, “everything was bad …”

She tried to use best practices, the latest drugs of traditional medicine, but nothing helped: the pain went away, but came back again. Besides, taking pharmaceuticals was bad for the liver and digestive system in general … So, she started looking for something else…

As Tamara told, she did not believe in dietary supplements, though she has heard about them for a long time. But then, she got acquainted with FOHOW, began to study the relevant literature, looked through the Internet – and realized that it makes sense just to try. And so, she came to Eastern medicine. And began to “test ” it herself. Although she admits, with little doubt: can these herbs be of any help? Tamara took complex FOHOW preparations according to regulation- purgation – replenishment system. And the “herbs” helped: her blood pressure returned to normal and eyesight improved. “And now I’m fine!” – she says about her personal result.

“Now I’m telling all this to other people, I’m explaining and showing it. Then, I’m interested in the result, enquire the person and record the results. And I am pleased with his success! ”

Anaesthesiologist. With FOHOW since 2009.

Elena has more than 20 years of medical practice, 15 of them she worked as a nurse of life support and intensive care. For the last five years she’s been working as an anaesthesiologist. When Elena was seriously ill, she received diagnoses one worse than another: bronchitis with asthmatic component, urolithiasis, leucoplakia, thyroid disease. She has two children. Pain and despair. Where is the way out?

Finally, she lost her faith in the effectiveness of traditional medicine and began to study the information about alternative one. That is when the word “Cordyceps” came out. She got interested. The point was, that Elena was allergic to the most traditional pharmaceuticals. Natural ingredients of FOHOW products seemed to be a way out of that situation.

And that was the right idea: Cordyceps worked quickly and produced visible improvements. “Six months later I was happy to feel healthy. And I wanted to help everyone” – says Elena Kapralova. “First, to help the people I know and then – to everyone. That’s how Fohow happened to my life. And I’m happy with it: I am healthy, and I give myself an opportunity to heal others, believe in my better tomorrow!”

Oncologist of the highest category. With FOHOW since 2011.

Olga has over 30 years of practice. Making radiotherapy to help her patients, she became a victim of profession: her health was seriously damaged. The side effect of constant contact with electromagnetic radiation had a negative effect: a severe form of osteoarthritis (tormenting pain at nights, no sleep), the blood was bad, her heart faltered, she got varicose veins and adrenal disease. This “invasion” of diseases spoiled the mood, appearance, and, in general, life itself.

Initially, when Olga was told about FOHOW products, she reacted with disbelief. But time was ticking away, but traditional medicine was still powerless, and the threat of death approached. Clearly aware of the horror of the possible outcome, Olga resorted to previously rejected FOHOW products. She’s been with the company for nine years. And now, no one can say that this active, cheerful woman was once so sick. She hardly believes it herself: the disease has gone; her walk has been restored and life has been saved!

“If anyone doubts about FOHOW and effectiveness of Tibetan medicine – I myself absolute and clear confirmation that it works” – says Olga Sova.

Therapist. With FOHOW since 2007.

Oksana has 15 years of practice and her own tried and tested methods of treatment with FOHOW products. Like many others, she came to the company due to personal circumstances: a child, seriously ill. Infectious disease of 2-year-old daughter grew into a serious dysbiosis due to improperly assigned antibiotic treatment. The situation became critical: the disease was growing, and traditional medicine was powerless to help. Moreover, it seemed to be harmful … Oksana desperately looked for a way out of this situation, which was compounded by the fact that she was also hurt. Immunity has been weakened to the limit and made ​​it impossible to live a full life and work: she worked for a week, then was ill for three weeks…

And then she turned to alternative medicine, as a last chance for salvation. She was advised with FOHOW products and began to use it. She tried the products herself, then, gave a complex of them to her child.

And after 3 months her daughter felt better, her health clearly improved. A month later, dysbiosis was over. Six months later Oksana was able to return to normal life. they continue using Fohow products, but this time – only for prevention.

The first interest in products has grown up into the belief in FOHOW, which made the ​​life of Oksana Nikolina inseparable from FOHOW company. She is confident: “The main thing: no despair! And then be sure that some rescue will come. In my case it was FOHOW!”

Cardiologist of the highest category, Honoured Doctor of Moldovia. With FOHOW since 2007.

For 30 years Natalia has been working as an ambulance doctor. Like many others, she came in FOHOW company in search for healing: for many years her son had suffered from severe eczema of hands. By that time the family had tried all imaginable medications. Natalia, being an experienced doctor, saw no way out and did not know how to help her son, a surgeon, aged 30 who could not get rid of this disease, which was quite a problem in his work.


And then there was a happy moment – she got acquainted with FOHOW products! It was elixir “Phoenix”. They began using it for treatment. After two months of regular taking the illness went away and never returned. Her son’s hands have been clear for over ten years! Now, he supports his health taking periodically FOHOW products: tea, elixir, “Linchzhi” capsules – all of these help him in the days of intense operating. Strongly impressed of her son’s recovery, Natalia began to take Fohow products. She recovered from severe hepatitis but suffered from its aftermaths.


FOHOW Products helped and she felt healthy and efficient again. But then another problem came up: Natalya’s mother was 83 when she had a stroke. And her memory, motility and speech were restored only by “Linchzhi” capsules! “FOHOW products are just marvellous! Judging from the experience of my whole family treatment, who were able to completely get healthy during my years with Fohow!”- Natalia says joyfully.

Therapist of the highest category. With FOHOW since 2002.

  Author of four books: “How can Tibetan medicine help us” 2012, “How to achieve financial health with FOHOW. Advantages of the company’s marketing plan” 2013; “Our health is healthy cells” 2013; “Pearl Princess: a guarantee of women’s health”2013.

Studied the secrets of alternative medicine in Tibet.

Madina Kasimovna has 30 years of practice. Many times, in her life she faced up with impotence of traditional medicine, which could not help both her and her daughter, who became deaf and dumb in the age of 4 months, or her grandson, who was born with cerebral palsy, tetra paresis and bruising of the brain. Doctors declared those illnesses to be incurable. And then, Tibetan medicine in the face of FOHOW came to help. It has become a salvation for Madina Kasimovna’s family: her bronchial asthma stopped, ultrasound showed that her kidneys were clean; daughter began to speak, her hearing was restored; grandson today is a healthy young man, an athlete and a spokesperson!

Thus, having a positive personal experience with FOHOW, Madina Kasimovna in practice got convinced of the efficacy of the product, as well as of opportunities and prospects MLM-business. Now she is a successful business-woman and a top leader of “Fohow”. Thanks to FOHOW products she cured her family and reached a financial well-being and continues to bring people recovery, and a simple joy of being, sharing her knowledge and techniques.

Madina Kasimovna Ibragimova is sure: “It’s time to change the attitude towards your health: enough to hope for hospitals and pharmacies! Take care of health into your own hands! ”


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