Recommendation for use

These products are not medicine and have no side effects. Growing consumption provides comfortable elimination of many diseases, and for long time. One-year course is needed for sustainable result. Maximum effect can be achieved only in a complex way.

Recovery of body functions with FOHOW products involves 3 steps:
Cleansing, Regulating and Supplementing.

  • Xueqinfu
  • Rose Oligose Paste “Meigui”
  • Gaoqian
  • Tea Liuwei
  • Sanqing


  • Phoenix
  • Linchzhi


  • Sanbao
  • Haicaogai

All three processes are assigned individually and depending on the condition of the patient ‘s body, but we use a basic program to expel certain diseases.

Course Recommendation

First week

  • Tea Liuwei (1 bag per litre of hot water 80-85 degrees)
  • Linchzhi capsules, one per day (morning or lunch) preferably during the meal
  • Rose Oligose Paste “Meigui” on teaspoon before food 3 times a day

Second and third weeks

  • Add elexir Sanqing 1 bottle during the meal once a day

The fourth week

  • Add elixir Phoenix 5 ml in the morning and evening, half an hour before food
  • Increase the dose 2 times every week. Add Xueqinfu capsules in the morning during the meal

The fifth week

  • Increase the number of Xueqinfu capsules to 2 times (morning and evening)

The sixth week

  • Increase the number of Xueqinfu capsules to 3 times (morning, lunch and evening)
  • Add Haicaogai 2 capsules at 16:00, 2 capsules at 20:00.
  • Add Gaoqian 2 tablets 3 times a day (morning, lunch and evening), drink with 2 glasses of water

Continue to take such a composition for a minimum of 3 months. It is recommended to take Gaoqian after food for people with normal weight and before food intake for people suffering from overweight.

After 3 months take 1 week break and start the same course only instead of Phoenix you should take Sanbao. Elexirs are taken under the tongue, for more effective absorption. In case of the above actions it is very effective to use Faradization belt 2 – 3 times a day.

Important: water consumption from 1.5 to 3 litres per day. Exclude permanently from the diet drinks like CocaCola and Fast Food.

Approximate number of packages required for the course:

  • “Linchzhi” capsules – 4 Packs.
  • Rose Oligose Paste “Meigui” – 5 Tubes.
  • Tea “Liuwei” – 4 Packs.
  • “Xueqinfu” capsules – 1 Pack.
  • Elexir “Sanqing” – 4 Packages.
  • Elexir “Phoenix” – 4 Packages.


  • Elexir “Sanbao” – 4 Packages.
  • Pastilles “Gaoqian” – 1 Pack.
  • “Haicaogai” capsules – 2 Packs.

Cost of 3 months course is about 650 EUR


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