Thermo Infrared Massager

What is a Thermo Infrared (TIM) Massager?

The Fohow thermo infrared massager uses the diaphoretic method – one of the eight classic TCM therapeutic methods, used in China since ancient times, combining it with advanced nanotechnology. The product combines such modern techniques as: light therapy, thermotherapy, magnetotherapy. Thermo-infrared regulation with the use of a special Fohow essential oil helps to quickly improve the permeability of the meridians, cleanse the body of toxins, and restore the Yin-Yang balance. The thermo-infrared massager supports metabolism, removes toxins through sweating, promotes acid-base normalization and stimulates cellular activity.

What is the Fohow thermo infrared massager based on?

The action is based on the diaphoretic method used in Chinese medicine since ancient times. In Chinese medicine, there are several main methods of influencing the human body, for example, diaphoretic, harmonizing, warming, cleansing and complementary. The diaphoretic method is at the top of this list, its benefits include helping to speed up the metabolism and excreting waste products with sweat.

What is the beneficial effect of the thermo infrared massager on the body?

1. Thanks to the heating and release of infrared rays, the superficial and deep energy channels (meridians) are quickly cleansed, Qi is stimulated and the effect of supporting blood circulation occurs, and consequently, better blood supply to all parts of the body.

2. The effect of the sauna helps to cleanse the cells and remove a large amount of toxins from the sweat, giving in this way of deep cleansing.

3. Under the influence of infrared rays, the special Fohow essential oil has a detoxification effect, the skin is nourished, and the Yin-Yang balance of internal organs is restored.

4. Massage of biologically active points and anions released by energy minerals regulate and stimulate Qi circulation, they support blood circulation, giving a feeling of relaxation like in the bosom of nature and a feeling of comfort during the treatment.

What effect can be obtained by using the thermo infrared massager?

These are the effects of detoxification, help with weight reduction, support for the removal of pathogenic factors of cold and moisture as well as improvement of blood circulation and elimination of stagnation, muscle relaxation and cleaning of energy channels, which promotes calming and voltage discharge.

What are the advantages of the thermo infrared massager?

1. Advanced technology: the latest nanomaterials provide water resistance and moisture protection, as well as excellent heat retention inside the capsule.

2. High Quality: Carbon fiber heating wires help keep your heating comfortable and stable.

3. High efficiency: the magnetic field of energy minerals and the deep impact of photon lamps achieve a highly visible effect.

4. Safety and comfort: six massage points, six massage modes, sauna comfort mode.

5. Convenience and simplicity: separate control of the thermomat and thermal blanket, remote control, intelligent temperature control, easy to use.

6. Quality guarantee: own development, own design, own production.

What are the contraindications for using the Fohow thermo infrared massager?

1. Hypertension (160/120mmHg), severe diabetes mellitus, malignant tumors.

2. Severe heart disease, the presence of a pacemaker.

3. Weakness of the body (Qi deficiency, hypotension, hypoglycemia), frequent dizziness, loss of strength.

4. Skin diseases, open wounds and ulcers, skin sensitivity disorders.

5. Tuberculosis, asthma, hyperthyroidism, severe fever, intolerance to high temperatures.

6. Bleeding tendency, pregnancy, menstruation. Sessions are also prohibited in young children.

Who is recommended to use the thermo infrared massager?

– Healthy people who feel discomfort, e.g. due to increased acidification of the body.

– People with a tendency to get tired quickly and subjected to heavy loads.

– People with sleep disorders and easily annoyed.

– People with metabolic problems.

– With a strong accumulation of “cold and damp” in the body, with rheumatic problems.

– With female problems (e.g. the so-called cold uterus)

– People who want to get rid of excess weight and achieve a cosmetic effect.

What should you pay attention to when using the infrared massager?

– Before the session, you should take a shower, wipe dry with a towel, remove your make-up.

– It is possible to conduct the session in loose cotton clothes, but the best result is achieved when conducting the session naked (or in underwear).

– Sessions are not recommended on an empty stomach, and also within thirty minutes after a heavy meal and in the state of alcohol intoxication.

– Drink enough warm water before your session. You can drink if needed water during the session, and it is also recommended to drink plenty of warm water after the session.

– During the session, do not rub or scratch the body, absorb sweat with a towel.

– During the session, gradually adjust the temperature to a level that guarantees comfort, depending on individual sensations.

– Stop the session if you feel uncomfortable.

– The first session should not be too long (about 20-30 minutes), the temperature should not be too high (about 40-50ºC).

– The recommended session duration is 20-60 minutes, but you can adjust the session time independently.

– If redness of the skin due to overheating occurs after the session, you should take a break and do not perform the session for a few days.

– After the session, avoid drafts and do not cool down the body, do not take a shower for at least 2 hours.

Why do some people not sweat after a session?

This can happen for two reasons, due to the strong accumulation of cold and moisture factors in the body, or due to the blockage of the energy channels.

What harm can acidification of the body cause?

1. Acidification of the body can lead to a decrease in immunity. Acidification relates to the increased acidity of body fluids, which can reduce immunity and increase the predisposition to colds and various diseases. The acid-base balance plays an important role in maintaining health.

2. Acidification of the body can cause cardiovascular diseases. Increased acidity increases blood viscosity and slows blood circulation, as a result of which lipids accumulate on the walls of blood vessels, which can provoke premature atherosclerosis, thrombosis or diseases of the heart and brain vessels.

3. People with acidification of the body are more susceptible to diseases eyes.

4. Acidification of the body can affect the state of bone tissue. Increased acidity of body fluids irritates the parathyroid glands, increasing their secretion, resulting in an increase in the amount of calcium taken from the bones into the blood. Long-term “borrowing” of this type of calcium can lead to osteoporosis, hyperostosis, bone deformities, tooth deterioration, etc.

What are the characteristics of the combination of energy minerals and carbon fiber heating elements?

When heated to 30ºC, the anions produced by energetic minerals begin to interact with infrared radiation. This allows you to effectively absorb radiation energy and, creating a strong resonance, achieve a thermotherapeutic effect.

Is the thermo infrared massager effective in body contouring and slimming?

The combination of energy minerals, essential oil for massage and deep massage effects helps to eliminate stagnation and improve blood and lymph circulation. Along with this, the heat conducted by the energy minerals helps to normalize energy levels in the body. Pressure techniques help to get rid of excess water in the lower intestines, remove cellulite, and normalize circulation. Support for the elimination of edema, and thus achieve the effect of silhouette correction.

How does the health of our spine affect us?

The spine is the support of our body, with which many organs are connected, therefore its curvature may adversely affect their functioning. The health of the spine largely determines the normal functioning of internal organs.

Why is the spine deformed?

The spine consists of individual vertebrae, the spine is supported by muscles and ligaments, the joint work of which allows a person to move. A sedentary lifestyle, the habit of slouching, sticking your chest to the table, sitting with your legs crossed, supporting your head with your hand in your sleep, standing on one leg, uneven posture and other incorrect habits can cause stretching of muscles and ligaments, their overload or, on the contrary, relaxation. Over time, this entails the inevitable deformation of the spine.

What harm can back problems bring to health?

1. Displacement of the vertebrae, compression of nerves and blood vessels. Symptoms: headache, dizziness, insomnia, chest tightness, palpitations, lower back pain, bloating, stomach and spleen disorders, hypertension.

2. Enlargement of the pelvic ring, increase the space of the reproductive and urinary system. Symptoms: abdominal enlargement, fatty deposits in the lower abdomen, cold in the abdomen, menstrual irregularities, menstrual pain.

3. Reduction of internal space, friction and compression of organs. Symptoms: breathing difficulties, gynecological inflammatory diseases, prostate problems, infertility, sexual dysfunction.

Can a thermo infrared massager help with spine correction?

The spine is supported by muscles and ligaments, the strength of which helps a person to move. Thanks to the energy magnets placed in several massage points and several available massage modes, we achieve the effect of muscle relaxation, which is conducive to posture correction.

Do I have to take off my clothes when using TIM?

This product works on the body directly through the skin, please strip down to your underwear for optimal effect.

Do I have to use Fohow Herbal Oil during TIM sessions?

The combined use of the thermo infrared massager and massage oil provides the best regulatory effect. The ingredients of the massage oil penetrate the skin, which is equivalent to traditional steam therapy with herbs used in Chinese medicine.

Can I take other products while using the infrared thermo massager?

The use of the thermo infrared massager can be combined with the intake of other Fohow products. After the infrared thermal adjustment session, the absorption of the products will be more effective.

How long after caesarean section can I use the thermo infrared massager?

It is necessary to heal the suture site, as a rule, after surgery, it is necessary to refrain from using the massager for three to six months.

Can I use the thermo infrared massager for psoriasis?

We do not recommend. In psoriasis, exposure to high temperatures can cause a burning sensation.

​​Can I use the thermo infrared massager with diabetes? Can it be used for diabetic foot syndrome?

Usually, in diabetes, you can use a thermo-infrared massager, but it is recommended to control the temperature within 40 ° C, the duration of the session should not last longer than 20-30 minutes. In diabetic foot syndrome, it is not recommended to use a thermo-infrared massager.

Can I use the infrared thermo massager in case of hepatitis? Isn’t it contagious?

Yes, with hepatitis, you can use a thermo-infrared massager, the disease is not transmitted through the skin.

Do I have to disinfect the thermo infrared massager?

Thermo infrared  massager does not require additional disinfection, IR radiation has disinfecting properties.

Can I use the device in contact lenses?
It is recommended to remove contact lenses before use, as an increase in body temperature during the session can lead to dry eye syndrome and discomfort.

Is it allowed to use TIM in the presence of an eye prosthesis, artificial lenses etc.?

You can. However, blindfolds cannot be worn in such cases.

Can I use TIM after coronavirus?

After recovery, you can use the thermo-infrared massager. Start with a short session time at a fairly low temperature.

Can the infrared thermo massager be used in oncological diseases?
No, people with cancer should not use the infrared thermo massager. In this category of disease, there may be a number of uncontrollable factors affecting the course of the disease.

Is the effect of the thermo infrared massager the same as after a regular sauna?

No, the effect is different. The heating caused by the thermo infrared massager is done by carbon fiber heating elements, it is more gentle. Being in the capsule, you get the desired effect without feeling any discomfort. Infrared radiation penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, warms the cells, helps open pores, improves blood circulation and removes toxins and cold from the body. Infrared radiation can affect the liquid media of the body, increasing their dissolving ability and permeability, which helps to better dissolve some of the lipids in the blood and protect the blood vessels, after which harmful substances and toxins are excreted from the body with sweat. Heating in a conventional sauna is by means of a metal spiral or a wood-burning stove and gives dry heat, causing normal sweating. Due to intolerance to dry heat, some people may even experience discomfort, tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing.

What is the difference between a thermo infrared massager and a regular sauna?

Thermo infrared massager is a convenient way to improve your health. Carbon fiber and energy minerals generate. Infrared radiation. During the session, a special Fohow Herbal Oil is applied, so that while in the capsule, the person receives healthy substances and gets rid of toxins at the same time.

In an ordinary sauna, only sweating occurs. In addition, due to the “dry heat”, some people experience discomfort, tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing.

Why does the thermo infrared massager have a regulating effect on the body?

The device has the function of infrared radiation. Infrared rays, penetrating the body, create cellular resonance, increasing the body’s energy level and improving microcirculation. All this increases the absorption of useful components. In addition, infrared radiation helps to open pores, stimulates blood circulation and promotes the elimination of toxins and pathogens.

Why should I use a thermo infrared massager for removal acidification and toxins?

Because the body must maintain Yin-Yang balance and acid-protein balance, but the fast rhythm of life, loads and stresses, irregular and improper diet and other problems of modern life are the cause of acidification of the body. This, in turn, reduces the metabolism, complicates the detoxification of the body and provokes the development of chronic diseases. As a result, dementia, obesity, liver disease, oncology and other life-threatening diseases can occur.

Is there normal sweating during the session?

Not only sweating, but also the pathogenic factors of wind, cold, moisture and various toxins are removed from the body. In order to remove toxins, a carrier medium is needed, in the role of which sweat acts, which is why the diaphoretic method is used.

Is it possible to achieve the same effect in a conventional sauna as with infrared thermo massager?

Cellular metabolism speeds up and slows down depending on age. A conventional sauna has a superficial diaphoretic effect. It does not have the same deep cleansing effect on the body as a thermo infrared massager.

How to use a thermo infrared massager to remove acidification most effectively toxins from the body?

Before starting the session, spread Fohow Herbal Oil on the body, work out the meridians on the back, the six channels on the legs and arms, the front meridians. This will help to stimulate cell activity, improve blood Qi circulation, improve nutrient transport, and begin removing accumulated pathogens of wind, cold, moisture, and toxins from your sweat.

Why is it not recommended to shower immediately after a session?

The usual detoxification of the body occurs through breathing and emptying the bowels and bladder. After a session on the thermo infrared massager, the sweat glands and pores are open. In addition, a large amount of toxins are discharged through them. If you take a shower at this time, it will close the pores and sweat glands, in this case a significant amount of toxins will remain in them, moreover, at this time the pathogenic moisture factor can more easily penetrate the body. Therefore, immediately after the session, we recommend drying yourself with a dry towel and taking a shower 2-8 hours later.

What are the cosmetic effects of the thermo infrared massager?

1. Facial skin: sessions help improve blood circulation in the skin, stimulate metabolism cells, improve cell regeneration, They brighten discoloration that occurs with age, help reduce wrinkles, slow down the aging process.

2. Eye area: the treatment helps to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, smooth wrinkles, slow down the aging process.

3. Weight loss and skin hydration: Shape problems caused by being overweight can also negatively affect a person’s emotional state. Many overweight people often suffer from headaches and other unpleasant symptoms. Such people are more prone to premature aging. Thermo infrared massager supports weight loss primarily due to the action of infrared radiation, which penetrates the body, it causes cell resonance, stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolism and consumes calories. The additional action of anions generated by energy minerals makes the process of getting rid of excess weight more complex and healthy. Together with the effect of silhouette correction, the method allows you to get the effect of lifting the skin.

4. Regulation of menstrual pain: short menstrual cycle, menstrual pain, impaired physiological cycles and other problems can slow down the circulation of Qi in the body, which can adversely affect the rate of cell regeneration and cause skin darkening, spots, general weakness, and speed up the aging process. The principle of operation of the thermo infrared massager is to restore the normal circulation of Qi and improve blood circulation by exposure to heat, which is conducive to restoring the proper functioning of the body. There is a saying in Chinese medicine, “where there is patency, there is no pain, where there is pain, there is no patency.”

Note: Use the thermo infrared massager a few days before menstruation, not during.

5. Detoxify and strengthen the body: many studies indicate that toxins are an important factor in the aging of the organization. Acne, bad breath, premature aging of the facial skin, changes in figure, etc. are signals of excessive accumulation of toxins in the body. It is necessary to improve the functioning of the circulatory system, increase the rate of excretion of metabolic products from the body. The diaphoretic method combined with exposure to infrared radiation helps to remove metabolic products with sweat and achieve a detoxification effect. Some time after the start of the session, you can see a significant improvement in people who were in a debilitated state.

6. Regulation of gynecological problems: many gynecological problems are caused by cold and damp factors, obstruction of energy channels and blood vessels. Violation of Qi and blood circulation over time leads to obstruction of channels and vessels that interfere with the excretion of metabolic products, worsen blood supply and, as a result, lead to various abnormalities. At the same time, Yan’s Qi energy is constantly consumed, which accelerates the aging process. In order to adjust the balance, it is necessary to change the internal environment of the body. Thermo infrared massager helps to replenish the Yang of Qi energy, eliminate moisture and cold factors, normalize patency of channels and blood vessels. Regular sessions help to transform the internal environment of the body, which gives a good effect in regulating menstrual irregularities and other disorders caused by the above factors.

How is the thermo infrared massager related to Yang-Sheng methods for different constitutional body types?

A session on a thermo infrared massager is one of the Yang-Sheng methods, derived from traditional concepts of maintaining health in Chinese medicine. The diaphoretic method used in infrared thermal massage is one of the eight main therapeutic methods of Chinese medicine and has a long history. In modern equipment, working on the basis of the diaphoretic method, the most modern materials are used and the latest techniques of using infrared radiation are taken into account. This technique is called energy thermotherapy and has become very popular. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the use of the diaphoretic method should be emphasized. Depending on the constitutional type of person, the physiological improvement and the effect of regulation may vary.

1. Normal type: The person is in good health

The main purpose of the session is relaxation. Optimizes session frequency, 1-2 times a week with session duration 20-50 minutes.

2. Type “Qi insufficiency”: due to the characteristics of the type, attention should be paid to the temperature regime and the duration of the session, which should not exceed 40 minutes. After the session, it is necessary to supplement the energy supply (consume a drink with ginseng peptides or Phoenix elixir) This will help the body restore the level of Qi.

3. “Yang Deficiency” type: this type is negatively affected by cold factors. You can do 3-4 sessions per week, the duration of each session must not exceed 40 minutes. .

4. Type “Yin Deficiency”: A session is a passive alternative to physical activity that is accompanied by profuse sweating. Due to fluid deficiencies in the body of people with this type of condition, the use of a massager is not recommended. If a person with this type still wants to undergo a session, it is necessary to minimize its duration, light sweating is enough. In addition, people belonging to this type are recommended to drink plenty of water immediately during the session to maintain fluid levels in the body. With this constitutional type, it is enough to carry out the procedure 1-2 times per week, with session duration no longer than 30 minutes.

5. Phlegm and Moisture Type: The use of the infrared thermo massager can not only improve Qi circulation and metabolism, but also have the effect of improving blood circulation. Sessions can be carried out 3-4 times a week for 30-50 minutes.

6. Raw Heat Type: Frequent use of the diaphoretic method can use excess energy, remove excess moisture. Sessions of 30-50 minutes 3-4 times a week.

7. “Blood stasis” type: The use of thermo infrared massage will help improve blood circulation, stimulate metabolism and remove cold. It is very beneficial for this type. Sessions of 30-50 minutes can be carried out 3-5 times a week.

8. Stagnant Qi type: infrared thermo massage helps to tone the muscles and achieve physical and emotional relaxation. This is very beneficial for this type, because people of this type often become emotionally upset. After the session, the quality of sleep increases, which has a good effect for the mood.

9. Special type: Thermo infrared massage sessions have a clear calming effect for people with a special type, but it is worth avoiding too long senses. You can undergo sessions lasting no longer than 30 minutes 1-2 times a week.

Why is it necessary to adhere to the recommended session duration?

The human body is adapted to temperature and environmental conditions, during sessions, thanks to the action of anions and components of massage oil, metabolism is activated, blood circulation improves, respiratory function increases, blood and oxygen supply to the brain improves. During this time, brain cells do not have time to adapt to the increased amount of oxygen, which can cause dizziness. In addition, the duration of the full cycle of blood circulation is 30-40 minutes, the same time is the optimal duration of the session.

Why does someone sweat quickly during a session and someone sweats slowly?

The reason for this may be life habits, for example, a sedentary lifestyle, the abuse of cold foods and drinks, the accumulation of cold in the body. All this leads to a reduction in the function and closure of the sweat glands. In this case, several sessions are necessary to fully open the pores and achieve a good detoxification effect.

How do blood lipids decrease?

First of all, the complex effect of infrared radiation provokes the breakdown of lipids in the blood, due to which the fat burning effect is achieved, the temperature of the lower layers of the skin rises, blood vessels expand, blood flow increases. Large groups of lipid molecules are converted into small groups of metabolite molecules, which helps to achieve the obvious effect of cleansing the walls of blood vessels and blood from lipids.

Why is it forbidden to have a session during pregnancy?

Because profuse sweating during a session can increase a pregnant woman’s need for oxygen, as well as reduce the concentration of oxygen in the amniotic fluid to an insufficient level for fetal breathing. TIM massager and essential oil can also increase blood circulation and eliminate stagnation, which can also be detrimental to the fetus. Sessions can start after you have recovered well after giving birth.

Why does lightening of spots on the skin occur?

Infrared radiation and components of the massage oil contribute to an increase in temperature in the subcutaneous layers. Due to the opening of the pores and active skin sweating, toxins and heavy metals are removed from it, and anions support the reduction of pigment activity and reduce their negative impact on the skin, thanks to which pigment spots are lightened.

Why do sessions help with allergies?

From the point of view of Western medicine, the cause of allergies is a violation of enzyme metabolism, and the action of anions, infrared radiation and massage oil components helps to normalize enzyme metabolism, thereby reducing or eliminating allergic reactions. This helps people with a particular (allergic) constitutional type.

Why do sessions help with colds?

Infrared radiation and the components of the essential oil help fight bacteria and viruses, the diaphoretic effect helps to relieve the symptoms of colds.

Why are sessions useful for uremia?

Sessions help to remove excess fluids, minerals and toxins from sweat, thereby reducing their harmful effects on the body.

How do stomach and bowel functions improve?

The TIM massager and the composition of the massage oil help to improve blood circulation in the digestive tract, increase digestive functions, anions help regulate the autonomic reflexes of the intestine, promote the improvement of intestinal peristalsis, which improves the functioning of the digestive tract.

Can people suffering from claustrophobia use the thermo infrared massager?

They can, but in the presence of an assistant. You should start the session when you are completely calm. Only a thermometer can be used at first. Set the temperature to 40ºC, time for 20 minutes. After the person gets used to it, you can lightly cover it with a heat shield.

Is it possible that after one session there will be no effect?

No, even after the first session there will be an obvious effect. During the session, communicate with the client and ask about their feelings.

Does the duration of the session have to be exactly 40 minutes?

The average session duration is 30-40 minutes, which is the optimal time for most people. Depending on the individual features, the session duration may be adjusted.

Some people feel tired after a session, what is the reason for this?

In terms of energy expenditure, one session is comparable to running a distance of 8 kilometers, the cells are actively cleansed of toxins, etc., so there may be a feeling of fatigue. During this time, it is recommended to drink the Phoenix elixir to restore energy and replenish your strength.

Can I use BEM after a TIM session?

Yes. After the session, the channels are well warmed up, pathogenic factors wind, cold and moisture are removed from the body, therefore the use of a bioenergetic massager at this time will be even more effective.

How to combine the use of TIM massagers and bioenergetic massagers?

You can go through a session on TIM first and then on BEM. In this case, the total duration of the two sessions should be 40-60 minutes.

Can I replace Fohow essential oil with another oil or gel?

You will not get the desired effect. Fohow massage oil has a special composition and contains special components that help to get the maximum effect from the session, other analogues do not have such properties.

What are the properties of Fohow Herbal Oil massage oil?

It warms the channels and vessels (meridians), has an analgesic effect, has the properties of removing moisture and cold, detoxification and cosmetic effect, promotes the improvement of blood circulation and eliminates stagnation, has a relaxing effect that reduces fatigue, increases cell activity.

What are the main ingredients of massage oil?

The composition of the oil includes turmeric root, buckthorn, Chinese cinnamon, Chinese angelica root and other ingredients.