Bio Energetic Massager(BEM)

How effective the Fohow Bio Energy Massager is?
The device provides immediate effects, and this is confirmed by many examples of its use by specific people. If you have not had an opportunity to try our Bio Energy Massager yet, we recommend you to undergo a massage session yourself, as soon as possible.

Is the Bio Energy Massager safe? Does it have any adverse effects?

The Bio Energy Massager is a completely safe device, and this is confirmed by its certificate of conformity. The output voltage of the device is 8 V, and this corresponds to biocurrents of the body cells. The device is safe for a customer and for a specialist operating it. It converts electrical impulses into bioenergy corresponding to an electrical charge of the human cells. The Bio Energy Massager supports regeneration of cellular energy and unblocks energy channels.

In what cases is the device recommended?

The use of the device supports an improvement of mood in people suffering from insomnia, neuroses, gastrointestinal disorders, lack of appetite, constipations, haemorrhoids, skin itches, rheumatic disorders, arthritis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spine and leg pains, injuries, soft tissue injuries, bone injuries, dizziness, tinnitus, prostatic hyperplasia, hypertension, hyperglycaemia, diabetes, complications post concussion,ischaemia, menopause or exhaustion.

How does the Bio Energy Massager purify the energy channels? What is a principle of its operation?

The Bio Energy Massager is a device incorporating high-level technologies, consisting of a main module and a pair of special gloves. The special physiotherapeutic influence on energy channels and biologically active points results in immediate removal of obstructios and blocks. With a special physiotherapeutic effect on the energy channels and biologically active points, the primary Qi energy contained in them is immediately released and replenished. From the TMC point of view, the Qi energy stimulates blood circulation. When QI energy and blood circulate freely, a human body is provided with sufficient amount of energy and the necessary Yin&Yang balance of the internal organs is achieved.

Why do we call the Bio Energy Massager a safe and natural regeneration technique?

The bio energy massage is a non-invasive physiotherapeutic technique that does not cause any injuries or adverse effects in humans. Furthermore, the procedure itself does not cause any discomfort, or may even be pleasant. This way, in a completely unnoticeable way, prevention of hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, and hyperglycaemia is ensured, a pain relieving effect is achieved, the endocrine system is regulated, sleep quality is improved, the spine is corrected, sexual functions are improved, ageing processes are slowed, and a cosmetic effect is achieved.

What effects can be achieved by using the Bio Energy Massager?

The basic influence of the Fohow Bio Energy Massager:

1) Toxin removal and blood purification

2) Enhanced blood circulation

3) Improved metabolism

4) Increased cellular activity, improved body immunity and ability to regenerate.

5) Supports resolving of oedemas, helps to achieve a pain relieving effect, strengthens bones and muscles.

6) Supports regulation of the autonomic nervous system, improves quality of sleep.

7) Supports regulation of the endocrine system, has a cosmetic effect, supports weight loss.

8) Unblocks energy channels, helps to eliminate blood stasis.

How long should the massage procedure be used to achieve the improvement?

The Bio Energy Massager is intended for preventive actions and supporting good health. During its use, the body is purified of toxins, blood circulation and metabolism are improved, patency of energy channels is restored, and the Ying and Yang energy of internal organs is regulated; furthermore, cells are activated and the immunity is improved. This way the body’s ability to regenerate itself is improved, so a person can recover from a pre-disease state and achieve a self-regeneration effect. On a basis of TMC regulation principles, a short therapy takes 7 days, and a full therapy requires 30 days.Completion of the entire therapy may result in experiencing great changes. The length of the therapy is determined according to a health status of a given person. A regular use of the device helps to maintain good health, beauty and youth.

Have there been any cases of symptoms exacerbation caused by the use of the Bio Energy Massager?

Various reactions may occur when the Bio Energy Massager is used by people of different age and/or health status. During the use of the device a healthy person will not feel any discomfort, while in people in a pre-disease state or ill their symptoms may be exacerbated. The weaker the body, the stronger the reaction may be “manifested”.

Why a reaction in form of symptoms exacerbation may occur during the use of the device?

This device regulates the body according to the “inside-out” principle. You should not worry when symptoms are exacerbated following the use of the Bio Energy Massager – it confirms that improvement processes were stimulated in the body. Usually, the exacerbation reactions occur after two to three sessions, sometimes later. Although such reactions cause discomfort, they represent the first step to health improvement. However, you should not fear to use the Bio Energy Massager further, usually after 3-15 times (in some cases, more) these reactions will gradually decrease and disappear, and the general feeling of the body will also improve.

What the reaction of symptoms exacerbation is?

The exacerbation reaction (according to TCM, an improvement in the body status may be preceded by a stress reaction) is a release of energy channels, Qi supplementation, and fast removal of toxins, achieved due to physiotherapeutic effect of the Bio Energy Massager. Qi stimulates blood circulation. When Qi and blood freely circulate in the body, toxins are removed fast, absorption of nutrients improves, and the immune system and the body’s ability to regenerate are enhanced. During the use of the Bio Energy Massager, a feeling of strength and energy flow may be experienced. During active detoxification, more frequent visits to the toilet may be necessary. Restoration of the energy channel patency may be accompanied by pain. The process of body regeneration may involve a feeling of weariness and sleepiness.

What are the most common exacerbation reactions?

Exacerbation reactions are directly associated with a general body status: age, health status, and other factors. Depending on them, various reactions may occur:

1) Extreme fatigue, sleepiness, flatulence – blood thinning, removal of excess fat, cholesterol, chemical substances, or medicine residues.

2) Feeling of heat, elevated temperature – an active regulation of the immune system occurs in the body.

3) Constipation – regulation of the large intestine function.

4) Diarrhoea – regulation of the small intestine function or removal of accumulated toxins.

5) Severe diarrhoea – removal of water accumulated in the intestine.

6) Insomnia or deteriorated quality of sleep, lack of feeling of weariness and sleepiness – elimination of primary stress.

7) Ulcers on the entire body, abscesses, erythema, itchiness – the body removes toxins from blood.

8) Dryness in a mouth and a throat, cracked lips, “hot liver” syndrome (TCM) – large quantities of toxins in the liver, a sign of acute increase in the liver burden.

9) Ulcers regularly developing in a mouth and sore throat due to long-term taking of pharmacological agents – removal of pharmacological agents and chemical substances accumulated in a liver and blood.

10) Tears – reaction to toxin removal and liver regeneration.

11) Dizziness and headaches – excess fat or cholesterol in brain blood vessels is dissolved, a reaction to unstable blood pressure.

12) Hypertonia – activation of immune cells.

13) Sleepiness – physiological dysfunction or disease. The body is removing toxins, and it spends on this process large amounts of Qi and blood, which are produced during sleep.

14) A dermatomycosis on legs, protein in urine – pathogenic “cold”* factor is being removed from the stomach.

15) Abdominal flatulence, blood in stool, constipations, black stool – toxins are removed from the large intestine, regeneration.

16) Dizziness, swelling near ears – toxins are removed from the small intestine, heart regeneration reaction.

17) Increased blood pressure – regeneration of blood vessel walls, reaction to plaque dissolving.

18) Feeling of hunger – regulation of body nutritional processes.

19) Unpleasant smell of legs and from mouth – increased number of bacteria during detoxification process.

20) Hair loss – stimulation of hair follicle regeneration; old damaged follicles are being replaced with new ones.

21) Rash – pathogenic moisture* factor is being removed, water-soluble toxins are removed.

What should be done when an exacerbation reaction occurs?

1) When you are healthy, do not feel any discomfort during the procedure, and your body does not respond with unpleasant reactions, you can use the device freely. Small exacerbation symptoms will resolve after several sessions.

2) When exacerbation symptoms are quite strong, the procedure time should be shortened significantly, and when the exacerbation symptoms resolve, extend the session duration until it reaches its standard length. When the reaction symptoms are very severe, a break of one to two days is recommended.

3) When the exacerbation symptoms do not resolve for a long time, we recommend a visit to a specialist for routine tests, to exclude possible hidden symptomless diseases in your body.

Are there any contraindications and recommended precautions concerning the use of the Bio Energy Massager?

There is a list of contraindications to the use of the Bio Energy Massager.

1) A lack of a customer trust and their sceptical attitude towards the massage procedure, a customer does not want to cooperate with a specialist performing the massage.

2) Tumours, blood diseases, infections, mental disorders, severe heart diseases, brain and lung pathologies.

3) Bone fractures, haemorrhages and tendency for haemorrhages, muscle, tendon and ligament tears, skin injuries, ulcers, boils, and abscesses.

4) Spine malformations, bone stenosis of the spinal canal, stenosis of intervertebral foramina.

5) Pregnancy, menstruation, post-partum bleeding.

6) Aging-associated diseases, exhaustion, excessive hunger; it is not recommended to use the device during thirty minutes after a meal or in people under the influence of alcohol.

7) High blood pressure (over 160/120), an implanted cardiac pacemaker, and other implants.

8) Children under 8 years of age.

9) Do not use during a thunderstorm. .

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