The Ying-Yang and Wu Xing theory

The Ying-Yang and Wu Xing theory captures the quintessence of classical Chinese philosophy.  

The YING-YANG theory can be pictured as two opposite yet complementary points of origin.  This is the foundation of ancient Chinese wisdom which says that everything, every situation, every emotion, etc., has two poles and its polar opposite.  YANG refers to everything that is outside growing, warm, and bright. YING refers to everything that is inside – decreasing, cold, and dark.  

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are five blood-filled YING organs in the human body: liver, spleen, heart, lungs and kidneys, and six empty YANG organs: gall bladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder, and three ‘heaters’ or ‘burners’.  Since the ancient times all changes (events and transformations) in nature have been contemplated in China in terms of YING and YANG opposites.  

The interaction between YING and YANG is illustrated symbolically using five elements present in nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  All these five elements are interrelated, influencing and intermingling with each other. They remain in constant motion and dynamic equilibrium.  

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) all systems of the human body are considered in terms of YING-YANG and WU XING.  To achieve a state of balance between YING and YANG, you must follow the rules of five elements. When YING and YANG are in equilibrium and they continue to keep WU XING in balance, the human body is filled with life energy.  However, when the YING and YANG balance is disturbed, human health and mental condition tend to deteriorate which is followed by the development of various diseases.

At the same time specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasize that there are effective ways and methods of achieving good health by regulating your body.  Under this approach, we do not fight medical conditions by tackling a specific disease, but we attempt to regulate the balance between YING and YANG according to five WU XING elements and to achieve normal flow of Qi energy.  As a result of improved immunity, our body has strength to cope with diseases and pathogenic bacteria, and it can regain the capacity to regenerate.  

The unique effects of absolutely natural FOHOW products make it possible to regulate the internal body systems (YING and YANG), help to activate regeneration systems, restore a dynamic equilibrium between internal organs, and build up the natural capacity of human body to regenerate.

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