Infrared light therapy

Irradiation with infrared rays (IR) and visible light is called therapeutic treatments involving the exposure of a part of the body or – sometimes – the whole body, to these rays in order to use their properties – mainly thermal and to induce health-beneficial reactions of the body. The types of radiation and their therapeutic applications are discussed together, since most therapy lamps are so-called light emitters emitting infrared radiation and visible light. 

Treatments using lamps emitting IR radiation are most often used in: 

 post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system (e.g. after sprains and dislocations of joints), 

 degenerative changes in the joints, 

rheumatic diseases, 

low back pain, 

painful shoulder syndrome, 

tennis elbow syndrome and other inflammations of muscle attachments, 

increased muscle tone, 

peripheral circulation disorders. 

Irradiation is also used to prepare patients for electrotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercises and manual therapy treatments. 

 Visible light is mainly used in the treatment of people in a depressive mood. 


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