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With the tenet of “promoting health culture for the benefit of human life”, FOHOW determined to be the most successful health industry in the world. In FOHOW, you are free to build your own health career in accordance with your time and the way you like. FOHOW is suitable for everyone. It has low entrepreneurial threshold, no need to invest too much money, no risk, and more freedom. Flexible working hours, flexible working place, full-time, part-time, free to choose, people with different lifestyles, different ages, different professional backgrounds, are all free to participate.

The FOHOW Marketing System

Welcome and congratulations for showing interest in the FOHOW Marketing System! Many people initially are attracted to FOHOW because of their fantastic products but then discover that there is the possibility to also do great business with these products by becoming a FOHOW distributor. FOHOW pays its partners exceptionally high bonuses!

The marketing of the FOHOW products is customer centred, i.e. everyone is a customer, not a salesman or saleswoman. And there is only one price for each product for everyone, no trade or retail mark-ups. FOHOW distributors are rewarded for marketing the products by being paid bonuses. To become a FOHOW distributor the only requirement is to make a one-time purchase of FOHOW products in the amount of 400 € which equals 330 “PV” [“FOHOW Points for Products”]. There is also the possibility right from the beginning to enter with a more extensive structure which involves a higher initial investment. Once you have been signed up and have received your FOHOW distributor number, you already can start promoting the FOHOW products amongst your family, friends, colleagues and all those who are interested in the precious treasures which Eastern Medicine has to offer.

Even though everyone can buy single products through you, the general idea is to inspire others to also become a FOHOW distributor and make a purchase in the amount of 330 PV.

Each such purchase of products in the amount of 330 PV in the structure under you is called a “contract” or “business place”. You are being paid bonuses on the basis of the number of contracts or business places which are being created within your network which is building up over time under you. What makes the FOHOW Marketing System so special and unique is the fact that there are no limits to the levels under you which make up your network! Every activity in your network counts towards the bonuses which you are being paid, with there only being one limitation and that is that for each business place which you own you can earn a maximum of 1,250 € per week. But as you will see from the following pages, this amounts to a huge income potential! Bonuses are paid out every week and through your personal online account you can monitor all the activities within your network and always have an overview of the bonuses which are accumulating. You can work at your own speed and there are no daily, weekly, monthly, or annual minimum requirements in regard to volume of sales etc. which you may have to meet. You only have to keep your account active, and we will later elaborate on how to do this.

The Basic Principles of the FOHOW Marketing System

The FOHOW Marketing System is being referred to as “cyclic binary”, this means, that for each contract or business place which you acquire you can invite two other partners or customers (“binary” meaning “two”), as illustrated in the following diagram:


The first bonus is paid when there are six contracts below you.



With 6 contracts having closed under your own business place, you will receive your first bonus in the amount of 200 €. As you may have noticed, it takes a turnover of 1,800 € for you to receive a bonus of 200 € which at first may not sound overly exciting but this is just the beginning. As you will see from the information on the following pages, due to the fact that your network has no limits in horizontal and vertical direction, the process of contracts being closed under you over time is going to accelerate more and more.

The following two diagrams illustrate how your structure is expanding and the distributors under you are starting to receive their 200 € bonuses:


This is just to give you a feeling for how the system works. Now with continuing activity within your network there will quite quickly come the point when 18 contracts will have closed in the structure under you.

With 18 contracts having closed under your own business place, you get paid another bonus, this time in the amount of 250 €.

For example, through a setup like this:

Now let’s compare having three business places to having only one:

So if you would have three business places, then for each 6 contracts under each of the three business places you would get a bonus in the amount of 200 € plus the second bonus in the amount of 250 € for the business place on the top which already has 18 contracts below it, thus a total of 850 €!

This shows that there is an even greater earning potential when setting up more than just one business place!


Once you have 36 contracts under one of your business places, for example in the combination of 12+12 or 18+18, then you get paid another bonus, this time in the amount of 350 €.

And after 72 contracts have been closed under one of your business places (either 24+49 or 36+36), then you will receive a bonus in the amount of 500 €.

This closing of 72 contracts under one of your business places could be viewed as a “cycle”. (Now you also understand why the FOHOW Marketing System is called a “cyclic binary” one!)


Thus, if one “cycle” closes below a business place, then for that business place a total of bonuses in the amount of 200 € + 250 € + 300 € + 500 € = 1,250 € is being paid!

And this principle applies to every business place which you may have signed up for!

At the end of each cycle a line is drawn and a new cycle will start for that business place which will offer the opportunity to close another cycle which again will generate bonuses in the total amount of 1,250 €. And with ongoing activity within your network, one cycle is going to close after the other. At first, for most new FOHOW distributors it may take a while to close the first cycle but with persistence and actively building up one’s structure, the time it takes to close one cycle is going to become shorter and shorter and for some it takes as little as one week to complete one cycle!

Now let’s compare again having three business places to having only one business place when it comes to closing one cycle:

Now imagine accomplishing this within one week!


As your network under you has no limits, for the sake of everyone enjoying an equal chance to benefit from this wonderful income structure, the FOHOW corporation had to impose one limitation, and that is that even if one of your business places would be closing more than one cycle per week, the maximum bonus payment for one business place is 1,250 € per week.

The “Diamond structure”

To take maximum advantage of the FOHOW Marketing System it is advisable to sign up for more than just one business place. To make it easier to do so, the FOHOW corporation offers to sign up for what is being referred to as the “Diamond structure”. It consists of 7 business places of which 2 are filled up with the full amount of 330 PV, whereas the remaining 5 are filled up with only 30 PV each and can be filled up over a period of 2 years to their full amount of 330 PV by simply purchasing more FOHOW products. [Please note that you can only earn bonuses on business places which are filled up with the full amount of 330 PV. So, once you are getting close to the point of earning bonuses for one of your business places which may not be filled up yet to the full amount of 330 PV, it is advisable to fill it up by purchasing FOHOW products in the missing amount.]

The “Diamond structure” usually looks like this:

(the structure shape is up to you but this shape is a good one for maximising the use of each place to build up bonuses) You can complete a business place by simply buying products, so this offer is ideal for those who are thinking of business AND health enhancement.

You can decide to have your “Diamond structure” either in the shape as shown above or to go for a vertical layout, whereas for most people the above setup works the best.

So, signing up for the “Diamond structure” requires initial purchasing of FOHOW products in the amount of at least 975 € which equals 810 PV.

A Vision of Possibilities

To those who are determined to achieve a new level of financial freedom through their FOHOW business activities, we would like to present the special rewards which every FOHOW distributor is eligible for who at some point reaches the following levels of success:

For completing 12 cycles for 1 business places you receive an extra bonus of 3,000 €

For completing 12 cycles for 3 business places you receive an extra bonus of 30,000 €

For completing 12 cycles for 5 business places you receive an extra bonus of 60,000 €

For completing 12 cycles for 7 business places you receive an extra bonus of 200,000 €

On the way to achieving these highly attractive extra bonus payments, there are often special promotions taking place, where, for example, a free 2-week journey to China with all expenses being paid for or a valuable set of free FOHOW products are being offered.

And last but not least, if you are the “recommending distributor” for a new FOHOW distributor [if you are the one who inspired another person to sign up as a distributor] you will receive a 10% extra bonus on all of the bonuses which the new distributor is going to generate throughout his or her FOHOW career!

Keeping your Distributor Account Active

In order to keep receiving your bonus payments you need to keep your distributor account active. This is being achieved by doing one of the following activities within each four-week period:

  1. obtaining a new business place for yourself by purchasing FOHOW products worth 330 PV;
  2. being the recommending distributor for a new FOHOW distributor who is signing up;
  3. filling up a business place within your “Diamond structure” to reach the required 330 PV;
  4. purchasing products in the amount of 60 PV at a price of only 50 PV.

In case your distributor account has become inactive, you can re-activate it at any time by fulfilling one of the above-mentioned requirements and in this way, resume receiving your bonus payments. Products which you purchase can either be used for your own personal health benefits or to share with others and in this way to inspire them to join the FOHOW team!

You are Cordially Invited to Join our Team!

We cordially invite you to join the team of FOHOW distributors and in this way take the first step towards reaching a new state of financial independence, while at the same time promoting your own health and that of dear ones around you!

The FOHOW corporation has already very successfully implemented its marketing system in many countries around the globe, especially in the Eastern part of Europe. Now the company is undertaking efforts to expand its marketing efforts to the Western part of Europe. If you are living in the European Union or Canada, now would be a fantastic time to become a FOHOW distributor and build up a successful network in your country!



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