We also offer massage and training services in our home based studio. If you would like to know more about Bio Energy Massage or purchase one of the devices, please contact us for more details. 

What is Bio Energy Massage?

The Bio Energy Massager is a device incorporating high-level technologies based on the TCM theory of energy channels and internal organs.
This device combines advanced developments in bioinformatics, energetics, neurology, and several other areas. It provides a comprehensive physiotherapeutic effect similar to acupuncture, gua sha massage, Tui Na massage, cautery or vacuum therapy. The special physiotherapeutic influence on energy channels and biologically active points results in fast purification of the energy channels. This supports circulation of the Qi energy and of blood, restoring of YING and YANG energy in internal organs, and increase in the biological energy of the body. Massager can be used to prevent and to treat diseases, as well to maitain good health.The Fohow Bio Energy Massager obtained a certificate of conformity and a licence for sales, and is completely legal.

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